Thanks to the manifold advantages of the e-cigs; more and more people are switching over to this healthy, safe alternative to standard cigarettes. However, you should be extremely careful while purchasing one from online stores. The owners of many online stores, are taking advantage of the ever increasing demand for vaporizers, are purchasing substandard quality e-cigarettes manufactured in countries like China, and are offering them for sale at highly discounted prices. The manufacturers of those counterfeit products try every possible course of action to ensure that their phony products look exactly like the original. If this is not enough, they come out with a fake version of new models within a week after their launch and flood the market with it.

Exact replicas
It is next to impossible even for experienced users to determine the original from the fake until they use it. While the exterior looks of the product might deceive the purchaser, they realize the inferior quality of the phony e-cigs after smoking it. To add insult to injury, even the e-liquid shipped as a part of the kit is fake and contains dangerously high levels of nicotine. This can pose serious and adverse effects to your health. More often than not, people purchase them, as they believe that they are getting an excellent bargain when they see popular brands of vaporizers offered at discounts of 50% or more over their list price. According to industry experts, the number of websites promoting fake e-cigs will increase as the market for this product continues to grow. Apart from being dangerous for the smoker, such fake e-cigs also tarnish the name of the company manufacturing genuine products. Here are some of the dangers you might face if you buy such an e-cig.
• Hard to drag: Unlike quality electronic cigarettes, one has to drag extremely hard on the fake ones, causing harm to their lungs.
• Adulterated e-liquids: They contain an excessive percentage of nicotine and poor quality propylene glycol, glycerol, flavors, and carcinogenic chemical compounds. In fact, they often leave an unpleasant taste on the tongue that persists for hours.
• Unsuitable battery: Manufacturers of e-cigs conduct tests using state of the art diagnostic tools to check the circuit of their e-cigs, determine the power required for running the circuit efficiently, and use batteries whose output matches those requirements. This ensures that the battery will charge many times before one has to replace it. Do not expect such quality control from manufacturers of counterfeit e-cigs. Their battery rarely lasts the specified duration. There are countless occasions of batteries of low-quality vaporizers exploding in the face of the smokers, leaving them permanently disabled. In some cases, the explosion also led to the death of the smoker.
• Hazardous metals: The poor quality of the heating elements of fake vaporizers allows dangerous metals like chromium and nickel to enter the e-liquid cartridge via the wick. Can you imagine the harmful effects these metals can do to your lungs, larynx, and vocal cords when they vaporize along with the liquid and enter your body?

Why genuine e-cigs are costly
Genuine electronic cigarettes cost more because they include the costs incurred by the manufacturer in research & development (this includes developing better and efficient circuit boards), buying tools to monitor quality control, purchasing the best brand of battery available, and using best quality materials. It is not the same with Chinese products as they simply study the circuit boards and replicate them. Since they use low-grade material and batteries manufactured by small scale industries, the quality of their products are no match for e-cigs manufactured in America, UK, Australia, and other European countries. However, would you pay less and endanger your life by purchasing a phony product rather than pay more and ensure that you enjoy your smoke without any worries?

Only buy the best
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