All You Need To Know

A Vapor pen is also known as a Vaporizer pen or Vape pen. They range in size from a standard pen to a large cigar. These pens are gaining tremendous popularity for several reasons. Basically, vaporizer pens are designed for burning dry herb, wax concentrates, and oils. Numerous vape pens have therefore been manufactured. The following are some of the best Vapor pens on the market today;

V2 Pro Series: This pen is primarily designed for e-liquids, but it can handle dry herb and wax as well. This versatility together with its user-friendly price makes it very popular.

VaporFi Orbit: This pen was designed for dry herbs and can be said to be the best. Its price is very affordable and has a small size. In addition, this pen produces quality vapor from dry herbs at varying temperatures. If you Vape in groups, then this vaporizer is for you as it doesn’t become too hot with high volumes of hits and it can be charged while in use.

XEO VOID E-liquid vapor pens: These pens are durable, the design is sleek, have a rechargeable and refillable battery and USB chargers and they do not leak. This pen has a reasonable price despite having all these good features.

V2 VERTX E-liquid vaporizer pen: There are two variants of this pen; the VERTEX Plus and VERTEX. VERTEX plus has a touch screen controls, is durable, light has LED battery charge indicators and high capacity cartridges. The VERTEX differs from the former by the lack of the tacky touch screen and it’s cheaper.

JUUL E-liquid Vape pen: This vaporizer comes with 4 flavored pre-filled cartridges called JUULpods. The flavors include; crème Brulee, cool mint, Virginia tobacco, and fruit medley.

MigVapor Matrix ceramic vapor pen: This is a 3-in-1 vaporizer initially designed for dry herbs, but has been upgraded to perform well with wax and oil. The slightly higher price is worth it if you are looking for a better performing and easy to use Vape pen.

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen: This is a vaporizer designed for concentrates. The components attach to each other firmly through magnets, making it easy to assemble. It has an impeccable design and the performance is great.

Sub-Herb Z-Stick vaporizer: It’s relatively cheap with an above average performance and a decent design. It has an OLED display, long lasting battery, a USB charging port and a safety button. You can adjust voltage and watts depending on your needs. This pen offers quality vapor and can be utilized with the advanced sub-herb tank.

Atmos Jump Vape pen: This is one of the best dry herb vaporizers. It has a 1200mAH battery that boosts its performance, to reach working temperatures in a matter of 7 seconds. The vapors produced are quality and not burnt as in some of its counterparts.

KandyPens SkyCloud: This is a 3-in-1 vaporizer that is small enough to fit in your pocket. Moreover, this pen is long lasting and comes at an affordable price.
The Atmos Jr Vape pen: This vaporizer’s performance with oils and wax is remarkable. It’s small, strong, beautiful and easy to clean.

Grasshopper: This vaporizer design is very similar to a normal pen. Its performance is great and very small in size. It has fast heat up time, produces great vapor quality and works well with different load sizes.

Dr. Dabber Ghost Vape pen: It’s designed for wax and oils and is said to be the best vapor pen for beginners. This pen has a sleek design and a long lasting battery. The good thing with this vaporizer is that it does not require heat up time, the vapor is produced as soon as you press the button.

Stok OG Four 2.0: This vapor pen has a visible heating chamber that lets you monitor the amount of product remaining. In addition, it has a long lasting battery and excellent accessories.

While choosing the best vapor pen, check out review sites like It is also important to put several factors into consideration. These factors include; purpose, price, durability and battery life. A 3-in-1 Vape pen is a good choice for anyone who loves versatility. However, different Vape pens are designed for use with different contents and as such, one is advised to buy one that best suits their needs.