The Mods

Vaping is here to stay. With smoking being on the out’s, its now hip and smart to use cig-a-likes and vape pens which offer a customized and powerful vape experience. Of course, this comes with none of the social and medical hassles associated with conventional smoking. But after a time, vapers start to look for better and much more powerful stuff. For advanced vapers, mods are the way to go and manufacturers are more than happy to cater to this demand. As a result, newer and better mods are always hitting the market and we’ve listed our top favorites of this year for interested readers.

The Halo Reactor Shorty – This is a 75W vape mod and its not unique. But it does seem to be sleek, smart and elegant. The mod comes with a detachable 18650 battery which is easy to add and remove. We particularly liked the shorty tank that is easy to fill from the top. It also has an impressive temperature control kit that is easy to use.

Pioneer4You IPV5 – Pioneer4 has a solid reputation for great quality box mods but this version is wonderful. It is powerful, sleek, and extremely easy to use. It is one of the few mods that has a 200W power range with a resistance of 0.05ohm for temperature control. Simply put, it generates wonderful whiffs, big, bad clouds. This also means that vapers can enjoy extended vape sessions as the battery life is also quite long.

Innokin Coolfire IV – This impressive kit has a combination Cool Fire IV TC 100 mod stuck to an iSub Sub-Ohm tank. As a result, you can use temperature control while vaping and enjoy the most intense vaping experience possible. Impressive additions include automatic atomizer ohm detection and an ability to adjust to almost any tank used with the Innokin. The device also seems to shut off when not in use. We particularly liked the exterior design of the Innokin. Its pretty!

Atom Vapes Yakuza – Wow, with such a funky name, we had high expectations of this model. Happily, it does not disappoint. Unique body styling, several colors, clear screens, and lighting fast charging make this is a great mod for any vaper. And of course, if you get bored of the white exterior, the company suppliers pretty decals or skins that you can swap around on the device to personalize the mod.

The Lavabox – This is a trendy unique mod that seems to be chipped up to the max! It uses the DNA 200 which is capable of firing up to 200W in wattage mode. It can also be switched over to a temperature mode. This box is the smallest one on the market at present and it is priced at about $170 which makes it expensive.

The Aspire Plato – We love this mod as its an all-in-one vaping system. It is capable of mouth to lung as well direct lung vaping as well. The device comes with a 4.5ml e-liquid store that is easy to locate and refill. Refills are also great in quality as they taste great and they last for a very long time. It is versatile and this means that users can switch between different vaping styles according to requirement.

Best Box Mods: The Market is Wide Open
Vaping is here to stay and new mods are going to hit the market almost daily. Most of these mods have been tried out by our in-house team. We are not recommending or panning any of the products but just trying to present users with brands and products that we personally liked. You may not like some of the mods in the article. In that case, please do write into us with your personal experience and we will feature it here. However, you should know that most of these mech mods are designed for advanced users. Since these are custom mods, you may also have to rebuild your vape devices to provide boosted power output and a suitable vape experience. Some of these devices may also carry a minor amount of risk. Again, we urge you to use the mod carefully and only after understanding how the device works.

Vape with care and you should be ok.