The success of personal electronic goods paves the way for the launching of ancillary industries that manufacture accessories for those goods.
For example, the success of the mobile phone provided an opportunity for small companies manufacturing batteries, covers, anti-scratch guards, power banks, and much more. It is the same with the e-cigarette industry too. Thanks to its growing popularity among smokers, concerned about their health and unable to resist the taste of nicotine, the sales of mobile phones witnesses an increase in sales every year. Here is a list of the top rated e-cig accessories that you will love to purchase, either for yourself or for gifting to a friend or colleague.

• Vape Band: Can you imagine the consequence if you accidentally drop your favorite vaporizer on the floor? It might get scratched or even break apart due to the impact, which depends on the height of which it dropped. Made of thick and soft silicon, the vape band acts like a shock absorber and provides absolute protection to the atomizer of your e-cig.

• Silica Wick: It is ideal for individuals who possess e-cigs that use a wick to suck liquid from the cartridge before vaporizing it. These wicks have a limited life, become dirty, and do not provide you with the ultimate vaping experience unless you replace them after using three clearomizers. This accessory contains several silica wicks, ideal for replacing the dirty ones. Available in different thicknesses, you can be sure to find one suitable for your electronic cigarette.

• Ceramic tweezers: This tool comes in handy when you want to replace a dirty wick. Made from quality and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the unique ceramic top of the tweezers protects it from high temperatures. This tool is ideal while cleaning small pieces of debris from the e-cig as well as for fixing a bent coil.

• Heating coils: Although manufactured from the best materials, the heating coils of your e-cigs deteriorate over time due to oxidization. If you love tinkering with electronic gadgets, you can easily replace the damaged coil with this set that contains several coils. Ensure that you purchase a set that has the same resistance (in ohms) as that of the original equipment.

• USB Charger: E-cigs require charging whenever their battery discharges beyond a certain limit. The charger provided by the company will only work if you attach it to a standard power outlet. Can you imagine the scenario if you need to recharge the battery of your electronic cigarette while you are driving on the highway? Unfortunately, your car does not offer a 110 Volt power supply. This nifty gadget comes to your rescue in such occasions. Plug one end of the gadget on the e-cig and the other on the USB port of your laptop. It will recharge the battery effortlessly.

• E-Juice: Are you planning to go on a long journey and do not know if your destination has any e-cig outlets? Why do you not purchase a pack of E-juice cartridges? Available in a wide range of nicotine strength and flavors such as strawberry, cocoa, chocolate, mint, orange, and much more, they are the most important accessory for your e-cig.

• Battery chargers: What options do you have if you desperately need to smoke and find that the power of your e-cig has discharged. You cannot charge and smoke at the same time. Keep an extra set of batteries and put them in your vaporizer while the 18650 battery charger charges the drained battery.

• Dual voltage chargers: The standard charger provided with your e-cig kit only works on a 110 Volt power outlet. This can pose problems if you visit countries whose standard power supply is 220 Volts. The dual voltage charger contains a sliding switch. The power supply is marked at both ends of the switch. Slide it to the appropriate input voltage, depending on the country you are in, to charge your vaporizer.
• Leather case: This is one of the best accessories for digital cigarette aficionados. Made from premium quality leather, it will store your vaporizer along with battery chargers, e-liquid cartridges, and USB charger.

The above accessories are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. You can find many more accessories for your electronic cigarettes on both physical and online stores.